Monday, August 15, 2011

Make Me Smile II

Opening with "Make Me Smile"
Last night Xing Fu & I went to see Chicago at Pier 6.  Earlier this year he'd played the song "Make Me Smile" & I'd written that I hoped the band played that song during the concert.

And they did--an auspicious beginning--and they played the song a couple times throughout.  I turned to Xing Fu with a big smile on my face--he had the same & we both knew that even if it seems a little hokey, having that song be the opening one was a big deal for us--a very good big deal.

Not that Chicago is normally the kind of musical fare that I tend to listen to but I need to say that they were certainly part of the background of my childhood--it actually surprised me a bit to realize that I knew far more of their songs than I realized.  

It has been a heavy concert summer yet again.  I asked Xing Fu if his ticket stubs have increased exponentially since he met me--he said no question--we do go to a lot of live music.  This summer we've seen:  The Decemberists, Peter Frampton, Death Cab For Cutie, Chicago, and will be seeing Wilco & Leo Kottke.  I can't remember if we've seen any others but like last summer there have been a lot.  Good--something we can share that we love to do--like that sailing thing...

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Anonymous said...

I love early Chicago (with the horn section and without Peter Cetera singing lead), and I really like "Make Me Smile", but the mix job on that song makes me cringe.