Thursday, September 29, 2011

Messy Complexity

"To entrust another with your heart means revealing your humanity in all its messy complexity & vulnerability." --Rosemary Mahoney

We are definitely taking a huge risk here--a scary one--I touched on it briefly last post when I said that I hadn't lived with anyone but my child since '04.   It's not going to happen straight away--lots of stuff to work out but we are stepping out into the abyss.  But here I am at this point in my life & even though we have a ton more responsibility now then when we were just starting into our "adult" lives, I know this is the right move with the right person.  

Reaffirmed by a simple action tonight before Xing Fu went to bed. Last night I spent the evening with him in the ER--he has a history of having kidney stones & last night was my indoctrination into that terribly painful experience.  He's fine but still recovering a bit & that's where tonight's story picks up.   On the nights that we aren't together he usually calls me before turning in.  I look forward to it--it's like a nice warm blanket on a cold night right before I go to sleep kind of feeling.  This afternoon he called me early & said that he wasn't going to call me later.  I mentioned to him that I look forward to the calls right before bed & would he mind calling to say good night.  His reply was "we'll see."  I was a bit disappointed but knew he was tired & wanted to go to sleep early.  Around 9:45 my phone rings.  What is so wonderful about that is he wants to make me happy--I treasure that so much.  I thanked him & told him how much I appreciated that he wants to please me.  So worth the risk.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cohabitating Frogs

OK, some of you may have noticed that I changed the wording on my header & description (or mebbe you didn't).  Well, the times they are a changin'.  I think it is probably good to indicate that I'm no longer writing about dating & all of those lovely frogs I kissed--the blog's focus has definitely shifted (sailing certainly is still in there).  I think it is fair to say that I'm writing more about the trials & tribulations of an LTR & how to successfully blend families after divorce.  Yup, that's it!  And, it ain't easy...but for the most part we seem to have navigated part one fairly well--from introductions to doing activities together to spending a week at the beach.  Yeah, there are bumps in the road, but if this were part one of the story, we've closed that chapter & now onto the next.  Which brings me to the "MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT"

Chapter Two?
If it weren't hard enough to bring our families together, Xing Fu & I are now going to push the envelope some more.  We are really planning to blend the families--no, not what you're thinking--no wedding bells.  But we are going to live together.  That's the plan & oh boy, as happy & excited as I am to move our relationship to the next level, I am rife with anxiety as well.  I realized today that I haven't lived with anyone besides my kid since I kicked my ex out in 2004.  Big changes coming for us all.  We've always said that we test the reaches of our relationship--those early relationship tests--like getting stranded in a snowstorm together all of two weeks into our dating one another.  I think we're up for the challenge.  Stay tuned!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Going Forward

It has been a tough couple of weeks filled with some deep disappointment--however, I know who my friends are--those who reached out to me--I may not have been so receptive to some but I will come around soon.  Keep trying, you may be surprised.  My sister was a great support--she put it out there & I'm grateful for her incredible & kind words.  Check out her blog (yeah, chip off the old block): 

Sandaway on Tred Avon in Oxford, MD
But I had a great weekend come out of great disappointment--good karma perhaps.  Xing Fu was racing to Oxford on his regular ride & I was able to get on a boat myself--a PHRF A2 boat (not used to that fleet at all).  It was good fun & the regular crew really made me feel welcome--I flew the kite for a bit & trimmed jib.  For me, this was hugely important because I was feeling pretty low about the racing thing & extremely nervous about stepping on a new boat too.  The race went by pretty fast & the guys I sat with on the rail kept me laughing along with learning a bit more about tactics for that particular boat.  It also helped that Xing Fu recognized how anxious I was when he dropped me off at the marina for the 3 hour motor to the start & sent me a text telling me that I should have fun & that I was a good sailor.  It was the best thing he could have said--I instantly relaxed & I did have great fun.  After the race, we all sat out with about four boats rafted together enjoying Dark 'n' Stormies made by my skipper & Mango Mai Tais made by the boat rafted next to us along with a very nice spread of cheese, fruit, nuts, & crackers.  Nice ending to a nice distance race.

Xing Fu & I planned a stay at the Sandaway B&B--a beautiful room overlooking the Tred Avon River with its own screened in porch, just where the the race ended. We planned to stay there overnight & have a leisurely morning instead of racing back. Which we did--we went briefly to the party, had dinner at a cool little bistro & then got pulled over by Oxford's finest for a headlight.  He was desperately trying to make Xing Fu get a ticket for 1) going 30 in a 25 mph zone & 2) broken headlight & 3) DUI.  Xing Fu even offered to take a breathalyzer test which the cop declined but still tried to tell him that he smelled alcohol--mind you, Xing Fu had had a sip of my wine at dinner & that was all he ended up giving us was a verbal warning for speeding, a repair order for my car which just seems to LOVE blowing headlights (this being the 4th since I've had the car)The next day we watched the boats start the race back to Annapolis & then went to brunch at the Robert Morris Inn--very nice also.  It will be great to do that again next year. All in all, good came from bad & I have another wonderful weekend full of memories.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Be Gentle

One of my college friends posted this on Facebook.  It is something I need right about now so I include a link to this blog: 

It is a good post.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tough Going

Yeah, it's hackneyed but it still applies...

"He is the best sailor who can steer within the fewest points of the wind, and exact a motive power out of the greatest obstacles."
--Henry David Thoreau

Sometimes no matter how hard you try & how much your heart is in the right place things just don't go your way.  I say this after a very frustrating weekend on the water--we started strong & just couldn't maintain.  Which sucks because we've all worked so hard.  And it wasn't for lack of trying & having the will to make it happen.  So discouraging though. We have a very competitive fleet & a lot of these guys have been sailing their boats for way longer than us--not an excuse, just reality.  But it was heartbreaking nonetheless.  But we can do it--practice makes perfect & we WILL get there.  I appreciate the hell out of everyone I sail with & I know we will persevere!  'Nuff said.  Go Get 'em!

"My goal in sailing isn't to be brilliant or flashy in individual races, just to be consistent over the long run."
--Dennis Conner