Monday, March 26, 2012

The Next Phase

So my house was listed on Thursday last week & after an open house yesterday I've received two offers.  I'm bewildered & certainly ecstatic but now I'm also in a panic. I really didn't think that the house would sell that quickly (I know it's not a done deal but it really could be by later this week) & that we'd have more time to look for houses.  We were planning to look this upcoming weekend but now we're in high gear--later this evening, possibly Wednesday & then the weekend--if one of the offers goes under contract then we have to put an offer in too--YIKES!  It is exciting but on so many levels very scary. Here's my list of scary in no particular order: 
1) I've never sold a house before--so I really don't know what to expect. 
2) Packing in such a short amount of time & moving my entire household (granted, a lot is done because of getting the house de-cluttered, etc., but still....)
3) Leaving the only home that my son's really known
4) Buying a house with Xing Fu & moving our families together as well as our households
5) Taking a leap of faith that our relationship really is for the long haul

Gotta believe that it will all work out--wish us luck...

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Incognito said...

Wishing you luck and patience and faith, all of which you've got in droves. Sending love.