Saturday, November 29, 2014


Been a long time both for a post & a lyrics post but here is one that hit home. Very quiet night last night just the two of us listening to some music & this popped up. Interestingly, he will be playing in DC in a few weeks so we decided to get tickets. What a great song--beautiful lyrics that say a lot:

The time has come for us to pause                          

And think of living as it was
Into the future we must cross (must cross)
And I'd like to go with you
And I'd like to go with you

You say I'm harder than a wall
A marble shaft about to fall
I love you dearer than them all (them all)
So let me stay with you
So let me stay with you

And as we walked into the day
Skies of blue had turned to grey
I might have not been clear to say (to say)
I never looked away
I never looked away

And though I'm feeling you inside
My life is rolling with the tide
I'd like to see it be an open ride
Along with you
Going along with you

The time we borrowed from ourselves
Can't stay within a vaulted well
And living turns into the lender's well
So let me come with you
And let me come with you

And when we came out into view
And there I found myself with you
And breathing felt like something new
Along with you
Going along with you


Lyrics taken from this page


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I'd strongly suggest you
get Jesus into your life first
before you do anything else.
1-outta-1 bites-the-dust, dear,
and with Him on your side,
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