Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Bull by the Horns or the Unbreak-up

Funny how things evolve over time. I now have shampoo & soap in my house which aren't my brands. So apparently we are no longer running from the "relationship" thing. In fact, his profile is turned off on the dating website. I've been told that I don't need to turn mine off if I don't want to. I haven't decided yet so they're on for now--but I really haven't visited them in a while so I've had little to no activity anyway.
Except for the guy from JDate. He's the one who's 17 years older than me. We had 2 dates: the prerequisite "coffee meet & greet". Then the Happy Hour martinis this past Tuesday. (Just couldn't trust the Bull completely--keeping them options open...) Obviously I wasn't too thrilled with the guy--or I would've blogged about him--right? He was nice enough but again no spark...Dammit! I'm ruined! Or mebbe not...this story may yet have a happy ending.

My friends have warned me that now because the Bull is reading my blog, my writing will change. Perhaps I am a bit more guarded but I'm trying not to be. Dear readers you will have to tell me. I think I've become a lil' bit sappy this weekend--somewhat carried away by what I'd been hoping for since I began this blog during my Unbreak-up in October. Essentially, we never did actually end this thing & recently, despite him losing his job (which is horrid), it has been really great together. I am not holding my cards as tight to my chest & letting him in a bit more because I'm less afraid that things are precarious & may fall at any minute. More security is a wonderful thing.

The Bull came up Friday afternoon & watched my son & I at TKD. Well--sorta watched--he was nose deep into his laptop--not surprised by this. But at least he came. One of my girlfriends whose son attends TKD too reads the blog. The Bull is now somewhat embarrassed by all these people he's been meeting knowing about this part of his life. I told him to just suck it up & deal. At least now I'm writing about him in a far more positive light. I also said that it was incentive for him to continue to treat me the way he has recently so I won't dis him. So my friend tells him that he doesn't want to risk losing me, etc. I love when my friends go after him like this. I am very amused, but I also think it may help him see...

We went to dinner at the Corner Stable afterward--gotta love them ribs! We joined one of my TKD girl buddies (there are so few of us), her boyfriend who also came to watch her for the first time, & my son. The Bull is such a character. He can be so entertaining & yet always attentive to me & also to my son. They get along so well together. I do enjoy watching them interact. It was great fun & my friend's BF & the Bull hit it off fairly well so it was an easy, fun evening.

Saturday was the Bowing Ceremony at TKD. It is a pot-luck dinner as well as a time when kids bow to their parents to show appreciation for & respect to their parents. The Bull was with us which I feel makes a pretty strong statement to my extended TKD community. My GM (Grand Master)told me I was all smiles & happy. I was & am. Friends told me that evening that we have an easy compatibility with each other--that we are good together. I think this is what I've been telling the Bull all along. Perhaps he's getting it--finally.

Am I dating anymore? I'm not sure. I'm not necessarily outwardly looking right now. But my 9 month deadline looms next month & I will need to make some decisions I guess. Currently, I am sappy-happy with my Bull.

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