Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Year of the Ox (as suggested by the Bull)

"Il était un fois...."
From: La Belle et La Bête 1946

It finally happened. Yep, that's right--the Bull has read the blog. In my presence no less. And he says he's going to comment too...Not sure about all of that, mind you....may leave me too vulnerable or it may help him figure out how to better appreciate me. I knew it was bound to happen, but I wasn't prepared for it quite yet. So to the first of the changes: The Bull wants to be known as La Bête. From the classic French film version of La Belle et La Bête. Interesting....on many levels. The Bull refers to himself as a "loveable asshole" & I tend to agree as he often is. He was not that this weekend because despite the fact he is under considerable stress looking for a job, he was truly attentive & affectionate. So perhaps reading the blog may have been a good thing because I never felt closer to him as I did this weekend. I felt like our discussions were different--we didn't skirt the issues but again were frank & honest. I do have to say that La Bête has never been dishonest with me as far as I know, ever. I just hope he gets that job soon. Last night I could tell he was very anxious & under stress--he woke up a lot during the night & he obviously was trying to hold all of that in check. I give him a lot of credit for that because it must have been quite difficult to do.

Again, another nice weekend. I remarked to the Bête that I decided that I enjoyed being with him. That it was easy. (well..I guess that's relative) I think its more that when I'm with him its easy, even when there are conflicts. He confounds & frustrates me occasionally, but overall it is fun & we truly enjoy being together. I feel pretty good about things these days--they have been more straightforward which just adds to the ease....but still...


Anonymous said...

I dunno...nicknaming oneself leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's akin to Dwight Gooden insisting that the sports writers call him "Doc".

The whole reading the blog thing is going to be a very Heisenberg thing: your writing will change specifically because you know he's reading. Just take the ball and run with it. Once in awhile I send not-so-coded messages to people (and you probably know who I mean) through my blog posts. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

notthemomma said...

Sorry, but yor bull/beast is a bit too good looking to be La Bête. Unless he has already transformed into the handsome prince in which case he should no longer be acting like a lovable asshole and just sweep you off your fucking feet already. Nice to be referred to as La Belle though, huh?

Ros said...

Oh HELLS no. Cocteau's version of Beauty & the Beast has been my favorite movie ever since I first saw it in elementary school, and the Bull is no beast. Hmm, should I explain that I adore the beast and that he's noble and courageous and caring and . . .well, things, the Bull hasn't shown yet. He hasn't earned the title.