Sunday, October 17, 2010

Growing Pains

Been a tough couple weeks on many levels--I've been thinking on it a bit & I truly believe that it has something to do with the fact that we've spent almost no extended time together for almost a month--good thing that we have a weekend coming up where we will go away, by ourselves, no kids, no work, no nuffin'.  Alone.  I'm pretty sure we need it...been a lot going on.  We've been together now about 9 months & at some point some of the initial luster wears off & the real relationship-building begins.  Yup, we can now safely label this as an LTR.  The commitment is unquestioned. And throw in a big relationship event which causes everyone involved huge amounts of stress & there it is--misperceptions, misunderstandings, irritation, etc., etc., & well--a steaming mass of potential pitfalls.  Good thing we talk about it & don't ignore it because as usual we seem to figure it out--we want to.  But once everything is now out in the open & there are no more mysteries--no more "who's that man behind the curtain" feelings & the understanding that this relationship is for real, & that all parties now get that, there's no turning back that we are here to stay.  It changes things--for the good & now perhaps I can take a deep breath & relax just a little bit & see where the next 9 months will take us.

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Incognito said...

Any relationship gets a little crazy after time passes; it is good that you have what seems to be great communication between the two of you. Don't know many folks like that and I congratulate you on that fact.

LTRs are very hard to keep up--don't see too many really successful ones; good luck and wishing you both well.