Monday, July 11, 2011

Where Did I Go?

Ok, so I've been MIA for a while--not necessarily a bad thing.  With the sailing season in full motion--Screwpile is coming up starting on Sunday--Xing Fu is sailing with Bump... which is always fun, and a bunch of parties including my buddy's (Baltimore Diary) pig roast (that I'll actually get to go to this year), a Peter Frampton concert (yeah, not my typical fare--guess whose??), my kid spending a week on the Schooner Sultana, & very shortly off for a month at summer camp, oh, & work too, I've lost track of time.   I can't believe that we're already in July & that tomorrow is my birthday!  I also can't believe that I'll be 44--I just don't feel that old....I can hear my sister now--"You are that old..."

This summer has been nonstop--just days after Screwpile, Xing Fu & I are taking off with his kids to the beach--yup, my kid will not be with us (camp).  That part will be quite strange.  But a week at the beach without my family & with my man is something new--something I've been looking forward to--I rarely take a vacation.  I think the last real vaycay was to Amsterdam two years ago--wow--it's been two years already!  I'm looking forward to a pause in the action--a time to just breathe & regroup--plus being by the ocean is always a good place for me to be.  And with Xing Fu...'nuff said.

And, contrary to all the stuff I've seen written about blending families (jealousies, obnoxious kids, the ex-factors & a thousand other nasties that I've read about), things continue to go really well with our kids & us.  I even received some texts from one of Xing Fu's kids today--for some reason that was the best affirmation that things are going well--that familiarity & comfort in being able to text me--cool.

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Incognito said...

Welcome back; hope your beach week is sunshiney wonderful and lovely. My best to all of you! (Missed you Sunday; maybe next year.)