Sunday, January 25, 2009

Torreadors & More

My BFF(1) told the Bull his name on my blog-- My BFF(1) cannot keep a secret! She's been dying to tell him since the Nobul Red event. He's never read the blog & says he's not sure he wants to--I'm really not sure I want him to either--too many potential personal pitfalls (love that alliteration!).

Finally the Bull attended the Best Friend's Saturday Wine Tasting. And on the list guessed it....Nobul Red!!! So of course my BFF(1) & I cracked up--& why she had to spill the beans. He was very funny. He's decided that he was going to come up with a better name--that will be interesting. He had a bottle of coke with him that he refused to give up, stating that was his wine of choice, & that he was a two-fisted drinker & was talking about everything BUT tasting wine. He was entertaining my BFF(1) while my BFF(2) & I were trying, unsuccessfully, to taste wines--go figure! Actually, he made it very difficult for any of us to concentrate. I was in a heightened state with him anyway because recently certain things had changed with him--more about that later. He & I wandered over to pick out a bottle of Reisling for later since he likes whites better than reds--OH NO!!! So now I have an unopened bottle of Reisling in the fridge that I promised I wouldn't use for cooking....

While all this was going on, a guy who I've been talking to on the phone & who I met for the first time today was in the the Wine store. He told me that he saw me with a blond (BFF(2)). At first I wasn't sure because I was also with BFF(1) & the Bull-but he mentioned both of them too. I'm very glad that he didn't walk up to me because it could have been VERY awkward. As it stands I met him for coffee today & he's cute, funny & 17 years my senior. Ah--I may have a potential sugar daddy! We will go out again. Also potentially a pitfall was when the sugar daddy called me this afternoon while the Bull was still in my house folding laundry on my bed. The Bull could hear it was a guy on the phone & kept mouthing words at me like "slut" & "whore" making me laugh so hard I couldn't talk--I tried to shush him but he kept making faces at me & saying stuff. He said he did that because he could hear the guy's voice & wanted me to keep laughing. He says he's not possessive but I said that a little possessiveness is good.

Anyway, we attended a dinner for Black Belts at a really good Korean restaurant in Catonsville & the Bull had a field day. Heaped a ton of meat on the cooking grill in the middle of the table, kept giving me all kinds of foods to try including acorn--a little odd but at least I can say I've eaten it. He was, as usual, charming & fun. He always asks me after we go to things like that if he did a good job with my friends, etc. It's like this very self-assured guy has a little kid inside still not sure if people like him. Times like that make me like him even more--

I said I'd say why things have changed with the Bull--he got rid of the other woman he was also dating. So now it's just us....finally! And now I'm more willing to be open with him & not hold back certain parts of me (not literally). He's commented on this & he brought his laundry too--BFF(1) says that's a BIG deal! I told him that he was welcome to do his laundry but don't expect me to do it. This weekend was very different--we had very frank & honest discussions about how we felt, etc. He told me that I caused a lot of trouble for him with the other person which apparently was one reason why it didn't last--she got too possessive. So I had to ask why, if it was causing all this trouble, did he continue to see me despite trying to have a realtionship with her? If everyone remembers, he did break up with me in October to pursue this other relationship. Obviously, he couldn't just let me go & I decided just to see where it would go & be patient--hence all of my very conflicted thoughts about the Bull in the first place. He told me that he thought we were great friends, which he knew I already knew, that we had similar values & that he has a lot of fun with me & that we are good together. We are--I've known that a long time--again, I'll be patient & see where we go. I made a promise to myself that when we hit the 9 month mark, if we were still seeing one another, I'd reassess whether or not I wanted to continue with the Bull. We are at month 7 so I have two more to go. Right now I'm still waving the red cape.

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