Sunday, August 2, 2009

In Amsterdam--Part I

I just can't believe it! Here I sit thousands of miles away from home, typing this about my day. Truly amazing. My mom was right--I LOVE this city. Earlier, sitting at a sidewalk cafe, sipping wine & watching the humanity go by. The bikes & the horse-and-carriage, the way people dress that is so vastly different than in the states. Plenty of lovely eye-candy for women too, by the way. I love listening to the language as well--kind of a shushing sound--I think far less guttural than German. We order Bitterballen--terribly bad for you but the Dutch answer to comfort food.

Earlier in the day when we arrived, our room wasn't ready so we had a few hours to kill before we could settle in. No worries--off we go to see the lay of the land. We sit in a little cafe & a guy comes & sits with us. Turns out he's from Germany--Jents, I think. He had such a skewed view of the United States. It was just comical--like CSI or something. He was truly charming. The rest of the day was spent wandering the streets near the hotel: we are on the edge of the red-light district so needless to say, there was plenty to see.

After freshening up--we decide to go eat Chinese--a wonderful place called Nam Kee. After, we wander rather aimlessly but it was just so cool to be part of this bustling place.

On tomorrow's agenda: a canal boat ride & then the Van Gogh Museum. How much fun!


Incognito said...

I'll BET that's some scenery!!! Thanks for taking the time to post; anxiously waiting for the next one. A little envious of your getting to the Van Gogh museum; he's one of my favorite dead artists! Enjoy.

Incognito said...

Love the symmetry of the photo!