Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Clutter Buster

It seems that I will have an opportunity to de-clutter my house over the winter break. Anyone who knows me realizes what a momentous task this will be on many levels. No, I'm not a crazy-hoarder type where I have little paths through the junk piled to the ceilings, but I do have a lot of shit I've accumulated over the years. For me, just getting in there & throwing stuff out becomes a task in futility. I just can't figure out where to start...I turn in ever-smaller circles until I just throw up my hands in utter frustration, & bow out gracefully--giving into the mess that encroaches. Both BFF(A) & CFW have helped me in the past with smaller anti-clutter tasks but I need the professionals for the over-hall. I suppose the natural response is to feel some anxiety but in all honesty I'm somewhat relieved that I'll finally be rid of the lingering reminders of my ex-husband's existence in my home--I'm quite sure there's a bunch of his crap hanging out somewhere in my house....

Perhaps, along with the removal of the physical stuff, I can sweep out the emotional cobwebs & clutter as well--a real time for cleansing...It will be the new year & a new decade after all...

Then I'll be free to pile up new neuroses in the new decade. I'll just try to keep my house less filled with crap...just the important stuff. Wish me luck!

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Incognito said...

Good luck!

As someone who has stressed over this issue for years and still has issues with it, I can tell you that you have to start somewhere. So many things have left my house this year, and yes, I do tend to bring stuff in, mostly from other peoples' homes who are getting rid of THEIR stuff. BUT, in my favor, I do take a lot of things from other people and place them into good homes.
Many of those items made their way to our Fellowship yard sale in October and we made a ton of money!
You WILL feel better afterwards; even though I come from a family of packrats, I am moving slowly to change the DNA.