Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It's coming!  Most of you out there probably know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  And those who don't...mid-April starts one of my biggest loves (besides Xing Fu)..sailing!  I admit it--obsessed...guilty as charged.  Right about now my brain is pretty-much only thinking sailing.  It has been a looooooong winter & thankfully this coming Saturday I will be out on the water--practicing & getting ready for our first regattas at the end of the month.  Last Saturday I helped clean & get the boat ready for its exodus from being on the hard & back where it belongs--and where I belong---on the water.  It is really like coming home--there is always a part missing when we put the boat away for the season & I'm no longer out there.  The longing--interminable.  But the wait is over--just being back down in Annapolis with the rest of the crew last weekend was so great.  Time to get out the foulies, check that my gloves & hat are in my sailing bag, & Keens are somewhere nearby.  Prolly need to pick up some warmer shoes for the spring though--Saturday looks to be only around 58 degrees....still,  TIME TO SAIL!!  WOOHOO!!

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