Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's On!

So much has gone on recently in so many facets of my life.  Of course, my brain has been hooked into sailing--Wednesday night series down on the West River starts tonight--I will be on a non-spin boat this week & next I'll be up in Annapolis on my regular ride for the AYC Wednesday series.   My brain has been so hooked by sailing that when I was at Bed, Bath, & Beyond with BFF(A), I bought sailboat sheets-printed with charts & sailboats--Xing Fu said something about "charting those waters" & then turned bright red last Saturday night at BFF(J)'s house.  Cracked all of us up.  But seriously, I can hear my son saying to me when he comes home Thursday from Florida & seeing the sheets, "Obessed much, mom?"  Guilty as charged.

Also, spending more time with Xing Fu's children.  It was a weird feeling to drop my own child off at the airport (first time traveling alone--I stood at security until he got through--at least his gate was D1, closest to security) & then take on three others.  It was an intense weekend but not in a bad way.  I've been reading a few books lately, one called Stepmonster by Wednesday Martin has been pretty interesting. Not sure that I agree with everything that I'm reading (only a third through it) & I'm not a stepmother in the true sense of the word, but I am the woman in their father's life & that has an entire raft of potential pitfalls, etc.  I think we are going about it all in a very good way so far--carefully, talking about all of the possible outcomes as best we can & he tells me that his kids like me--very good, so perhaps one of the most difficult situations in family-life will work out for us.

Another part of all this has been that all of our kids are away this week & we've been spending a lot more time together--it's been good--in some ways better than when we were last at the beach--for whatever reason, we have covered a lot of ground & looked at some of our sticking points--it has made us closer

And I have the week off--WOOHOO!

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Incognito said...

(Twilight Zone music up and over) I just bought some sailboat chart-type sheets myself -- obviously more with Gary in mind than myself. How strange is that? I'll send you a pic!

Like I've said before, if everyone went into blended relationships (any kind, from marriage, etc.) with the care and thoughtfulness that you have, there would not be (many) problems with these families. Peace and smooth sailing.