Monday, April 11, 2011

Sailing Lightbulbs and Other Stories

This past weekend was full of so many different experiences--it is hard to believe that I managed to cram it all in.  Of course, the bestest was being back out on the water with my boat--we were out practicing for the first time this season & as I've said so many times before, it was like coming home.  I was HUGELY nervous going into this Saturday because it had been 6 months since I sailed & that long since I flew the kite.  In fact, I was having very vivid dreams up until Saturday that I would fuck up royally.  I'm sure these feelings were spurred on by the fact that during one of the last major races of the season, my performance was less than optimal & I injured myself pretty badly (blood all over the deck).  I had hit a mental & physical wall during that race & it was creating high anxiety now.  But, as things go out on the bay, we had no wind for a good portion of the day so it gave me a chance to ease back into that mode--shake off the cobwebs & focus on what I needed to do--if we ever launched the chute.  Even if we never got airborne, it was just great to be on the water with some of the folks I've grown to enjoy being with--both on & off the water--but we did get wind later on--predicted to fill in about 1 PM & sure enough, (Seamus was right, you ole' dog!) I flew.  And for once I figured out what worked--as our coach said--he watches for those lightbulb moments & there mine was!  What an AMAZING feeling!  And for me flying the kite is one of the greatest feelings--watching it fill to capacity when you first launch--there's just no feeling to describe it--

Part Two is all about the inevitable moving forward of blending our families.  Xing Fu asked his youngest if it would be alright if I went with him to a game.  His youngest said that was fine & so, of course, I met the ex as well.  Nothing too notable--everyone was polite & solicitousAt one point his youngest was talking to a friend & they turned to stare at us--I was on display.  That was definitely a weird feeling--both for the ex & for the friends....hadn't really experienced that before but I think all went well--another hurdle passed & onward to the next.

We also managed to get a bit of geocaching in at Cylburn Arboretum--this time my son went with us.  Another fun afternoon spent traipsing around the woods--& even though we couldn't find one of them, it was a great bonding experience for the three of us--blending on my side this time.

I'd have to say, this was one of the good ones--

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