Monday, May 30, 2011

I Don't Speak Love

I know I've been a fool
I'm distant and I'm arrogant
And stubborn as a mule
I want to be a better man
And take good care of you
If you could find it in your heart
To help us see this through

I Can Feel Love
I Can See Love
I Don't Speak Love
I Sure Need Your Love

What a price I'll pay
To spend my life this way
I can't take this pain
When every heartbeat calls your name

Gertie looked him in the eye
And said, "Boy, you are a mess."
"Don't try to find an eloquence
You never can possess."
Willie held her in his arms
And whispered in her ear
"I just need to learn to say the words
You long to hear."

--The Radiators

We saw the Radiators last week & although I think the venue wasn't right, (I'd seen them at 8X10--perfect), they were good, but not as great as I'd remembered--but this song struck me so I'm reprinting the lyrics.  

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