Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am just so stressed & anxious about the house thing--we have begun.  The list is just so long & I'm feeling quite overwhelmed by the whole thing.  But first things first, de-clutter. 

Last night, Xing Fu & I tackled the crawl space under the house.  There were years of stuff in there--books, papers, stuff from my ex--two bar stools he picked up off a Baltimore street over 15 years was hard to just toss it aside (not the bar stools).  No, I don't want to keep any of it--but it represents my history--kinda tough to sift through it all.  Getting all that stuff out will leave room to box up the stuff upstairs so that the house can be "staged" to sell--kinda like living in a hotel room for a few months.  When we leave this house, a chapter of my life will definitely close & that's kinda scary.  

We're all full of talk like, "When we have a house together such & such will happen" or "When we live together this is going to be how things will be...", etc.  Positively nerve-wracking! And exciting.  I know my kid is getting more interested as he sees things being moved out--he's talking about wanting to have a bigger space & more privacy.  He has also said that he'll miss the only home he's known--

But everything in the crawl space except my stuffed animals "Snuggles" is going to the dump or to Good Will.  Especially the bar stools--as I throw them onto the metal scrap heap I will be thinking that I am definitely happy that chapter of hoarding husbands is closed!

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