Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I wanna make you happy. 
I wanna make you feel alive.
Let me make you happy.
I wanna make you feel alive at night.

--The KOOKS "Junk of the Heart "

Mornings are usually a little nuts now that we have to get up & moving earlier so I can make sure that I get my kid to school & get myself to work on time....which I so hope will change once we move.

Every morning that Xing Fu is at the house he seems to be in charge of breakfast--nothing huge, usually a half a bagel but he goes into the kitchen & toasts them up & meticulously spreads something on them for us.  Ok, not such a big deal but in a way it is--I could do it some days or we could just get something on the road.  But he does it every morning.  I said once before that it was the little things--and this is one example.  I told him that I appreciated his efforts especially as we're rushing out the door--not taking these little things for granted.  The little things are the glue--recognizing them--important.