Friday, May 4, 2012

Wednesday Night!

WooHoo!  It's back! Wednesday Night Racing in Annapolis! And I am so psyched for a new season.  I'm on a new boat with a new skipper (very experienced sailor), new crew, & new position.  All of us have sailed & raced fairly extensively & it looks to be a good mix of folk.  Even more exciting for me is the opportunity to be on main.  It makes me more valuable as a crew member in that I have the ability to pretty much slip in wherever needed (my Wednesday night ride doesn't do weekend regattas). Since I don't have a designated boat for the weekend regattas yet, I have to find boats who need crew.  Unfortunately Xing Fu & I missed the Crew Listings Party from Spin Sheet last week because my son was in a crew (rowing) regatta in Chestertown. Excited for him to be participating in a great sport that I did competitively in college, but bummed that I couldn't meet skippers looking for crew for sailing in weekend regattas. 

 But with two races down so far, I'm so happy to be out there learning a new sail.  Just hope I can figure it out eventually--and I hope the skipper has patience.  The season is young....

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