Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sailing Into Year Three

When I stop & think about where I am from three years ago, I almost can't believe it. At that time I went from being a single mom with a crazy dating life to being for all intents & purposes married with a stepfamily.  Yikes!  Did it happen really fast or is it just my impression of it? On the left is the card that I gave to Xing Fu--so representative of who we are as a couple(except I ask, where is the pole for that kite??)  Inside it says, "The adventure continues..." That too is representative of us.  It has definitely been quite the adventure from when we first sailed together down on the West River to now--sailing off into the uncharted waters of being a "blended family". It hasn't always been smooth waters (to continue this sailing/water metaphor), choppy to be sure & occasionally gale force winds--to be quite honest, this relationship has been one of the hardest things that I've worked at in my life.  I think that is a good thing though--my commitment to what we're building together is what drives me & the thought of sailing off into the sunset together at some point in the future.... This post is dedicated to Xing Fu--I feel so lucky to have met you & that you have chosen me to spend your life with.  I wouldn't trade it.  143

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