Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dead in the Water

I was really looking forward to the Leukemia Cup regatta today. It would've been awesome but there was absolutely no wind. One of the skippers from the Catalina 27 fleet said that we couldn't even move backwards that's how dead it was out there.

It was actually pretty funny if it hadn't been so hot--the start was the most entertaining. There were 5 of us starting at the same time: PHRF A0 & A1. Three of us got across the start line nicely albeit slowly as there was only about 4 knots of wind at that time & that was pretty much the best it got. The last two were highly entertaining to watch as they struggled to even get to the start. One of them made it just before the start for the J105's gun. The second one, a poor, hapless boat sat dead as the gun for the 105's went off. He just never made it to the start-apparently couldn't even set the boat to find the little air there was & for that matter by the time they figured it out, the 105's had stolen the good air anyway & they were left with the dirty stuff....

So as we were attempting to sail to the mark, we were on the rails watching the water for wind. Of course we could see the current but even that faded to nothing and became "slick-cam". This is Smith Island waterman speak for what the Bay looks like when it is a glassy mirror. In other words: dead calm. The race was called & we all puttered around back at the RC boat to see if we'd try for a second race later. A lot of people dove into the water to cool off. I wished mightily for my bathing suit just about then because it just got hotter & the wind was just.........

A bunch of boats retired from the race & called it a day. The RC attempted for a second race, thinking that wind was building, but eventually that was called too--well before any start gun went off. We were hanging by the RC boat & saw the blue & white "Abandon Race" flag go up followed by the three gun blasts. Motor on--we were heading home. After grabbing a bite & a Margarita with a few of the crew, I decided to go to the party at the sponsoring yacht club.

I met up with a few folk from the Catalina 27 fleet, but I think the party was much smaller because of the lack of wind. People were hot, frustrated & tired & just decided to go home instead of drink rum. I picked up the requisite T-shirt, hung out for a bit listening to the band & chatting about the Miles Race & how drunk we all were, & then headed for home. Of course anyone who sails on the Chesapeake knows how it gets in the summer: no of course just about the time I pulled up to my BFF (A)'s house, the wind began to blow....better luck on the West River on Wednesday.

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