Monday, June 29, 2009

Birthday Sailing

No racing this weekend but I did get a lot of sailing in. It was my son's birthday yesterday so it was his wish to go sailing. We lucked out with the weather & wind & off we go on my folks' boat. By the time the afternoon was ending, the wind was up to 15-18 knots, perfect for their boat, & we had a great sail across the bay over to 7 Foot Knoll (I will NEVER get used to seeing that stick in the water instead of the lighthouse) & Craig Hill Channel Light. My son & one of his best friends just had a blast hanging out up on the bow just like I did when I was a kid. Feet over the low side to catch the water (a HUGE no-no while racing of course). He told me that it was his best birthday ever.

The day before my BFF(J) had us all over to her water house to hang out & celebrate my son's birthday. They have a Scorpion (Sunfish knock-off) that my son & her son immediately sailed out & flipped on purpose. They sailed around the river for a while, deliberately flipping the boat as much as possible. You have to climb on the daggerboard to right it. But I was glad that they were so comfortable with it--they'll need that skill for camp. Later I took my BFF(A) out sailing. It had been a while on the tiller, but after 5 minutes I had it all figured out again & we flew across the river & back. No flipping for us though--need to instill confidence in my sailing skills. We had a wonderful time & as usual I am thankful for my friends & them looking out to help me make my son's birthday the best it can be; even if I have to go at it alone. I have a phenomenal support system.

Unfortunately for my son his father forgot to call him on his birthday & he had to call him. I could see him trying to fight off his disappointment & make excuses for his dad. So sad. But he hugged me tightly & thanked me for being there to make his birthday the best & told me how much he loved me--wouldn't trade that for the world. I wonder if my ex-husband even cares how badly he hurts our son.

Back to work today & I'm already swamped! I have educational assessments to complete & meetings to run. I'm already looking forward to Wednesday night & racing down on the West River. Got to get practice in before the big races coming up.

I have to say that it is harder to sail when cruising then racing. I have a hard time finding things to do when I don't have to pay attention to anything or hang out on the rails. But I also must say that I'd rather sail no matter the circumstances be it cruising or racing! Everyone should sail!

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Incognito said...

What a perfect day for you all! We had weird winds and, according to Gary, "illogical waves," but we also had a grand time on the water. It just gets better and better.

These memories will stay with your son forever. As the old saying goes, you are "doing good by him." Peace.