Thursday, October 1, 2009


Been a grouchy week for me but I hope I've turned the corner now. It hasn't helped that I've been phenomenally over-whelmed at work and Yom Kippur was on Monday so I was off. When I returned on Tuesday I knew I'd get hit hard. I also dislike when I'm out because my team likes to make my empty office theirs--they don't clean up after themselves & I always walk into messes--I wasn't disappointed. It tweaks me every time--love my team & wouldn't trade 'em but for this lil' treasure...Big meeting day on Tuesday so many of my co-workers were in my office as I was frantically getting ready for meetings while cleaning & straightening....irritated a little? One told me that I was grouchy. Gee, what clued you in? Was it my snippiness? The sarcasm? Hmmmmm....I paused & thought about it and sure enough, I was. Which is kinda unusual for me. I'm actually a generally happy person but that set the tone for the rest of the week. I described myself as "prickly". Maybe it's the turn of the season or month or perhaps it's the holiday & what it means, but I really have been ouchy & it has lasted until perhaps this evening. One of my BFFs--CFW told me to embrace my inner grouch--so maybe Oscar & I are becoming friends..

This evening I hope is a shift in the wind. I have two great days of racing to look forward to--both AYC fall series--one Saturday for PHRF & Sunday for one-designs. But tonight I had a very nice evening, without regret, with SM. He came over for dinner & I made whole wheat ravioli with a very fresh tomato and basil sauce. We drank a great Italian wine recommended by the folk at Grand Cru and managed to keep our hands, etc. to ourselves. It was a lot of fun and as I said before--no regrets. Mayhap Oscar is gone now.

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