Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Ever have one of those days? Actually, ever have one of those weeks, months, etc.? It has been an extremely frustrating & stressful time recently. I usually don't use this forum about work-related stuff for a variety of reasons but I'm just feeling so overwhelmed right now that a good vent may be just the thing I need. No Heart attack-ack-acks....just bad-tempered.

I seem to have bitten off more than I can chew--agreeing to chair a new team when I can barely tread water on the the team I was tasked to lead in the first place. Of course I want to do a good job & not do my second team half-assed but because I am so swamped, that's just what's happening...sigh. It sucks massively because I feel like I'm letting a ton of people down & I hate that.

Additionally, I'm supposed to have clerical assistance but that just ain't happening right now. THAT is a major problem as well--the clerical aspect is a job unto itself.

This is the first year where I've felt so stressed & over my head--I don't like it. Most folk don't like the job I do but I do, IEP Chair--I love my school, my team & my location & for the past three years I've thrived. I have felt extremely fortunate to be doing what I'm doing after so many years in the classroom--15 to be exact and a couple years as a principal too.
Maybe it's because I have a caseload this year far larger than the previous years or maybe it's because we've been hit with a ton of referrals, & re-evals, or maybe....I just don't know..

Anyway, just came back from an intense taekwondo class & I feel better--energized & refreshed--I got to beat people up & even managed to kick a little ass along the way...tomorrow's a new day & quite possibly a better one...


Incognito said...

Exercise and all that wonderful physical activity you do is bound to keep you sane in this crazy world. Keep doing what you're doing to cope!

I always feel better, emotionally and physically, after a good workout. I mention in my most recent blog post that I think that helps with my brain activity, too; we can actually measure it and it is so fascinating to see the difference.

And you know, most people don't even know they engage in the passive/agressive shenanigans; most have just been raised that way and they think it is NORMAL. I've had to overcome it because it was very evident in my family; withholding information, assuming you knew things when you didn't, but then reprimanding you for it, dealing with old pent-up emotions that come out in totally unexpected ways.

That's why I mention attempting to be as straightforward as possible in your dealings with people because eventually the old habits can be eradicated by the new ones. Good luck and hope today is a better one for you!

Sailorgrl21 said...

Thanks Ruth--
It has just been a phenomenally trying week--it doesn't help that a lot of the other aspects of my life aren't flowing so well either...your words of encouragement are helpful, however. So thanks!