Sunday, November 22, 2009

Experience Versus Youth

What can I say? Being single can sometimes have its perks. Earlier I posted about my new Cougar status but I really didn't say too much about what I've learned...certainly "Energizer Bunny" is a very apt description for my friend Salad & that is certainly fun & he is very appreciative, which is refreshing. But the young are always in a hurry....they miss out on the intricacies, the details, & the nuance. But I've been told that is my job. So we'll see. Needless to say it sparked quite a maelstrom from which I still reap the benefit.

What it did was to initiate a psuedo-competition of sorts. One of my other friends, Seamus--who is decidedly older than Salad & a Bad Boy of note, in fact much older than me, seemed spurred on to see which is better-- a well-seasoned man or a noob (Salad is definately NOT that, however). Hence the benefit to me. I'm the one who decides. Heehee...& believe me, I am NOT loathe to do that.

So this prompted a visit from my friend Seamus this weekend...

Did I say that being single sometimes has its perks?


Anonymous said...

Hi from new Zealand. Enjoy the blogs. Keep them coming.

Incognito said...

How long does it take to graduate from Cougar College? I think both the students need lots of instruction and many, many examinations (top to bottom). Enjoy while you can!