Sunday, January 10, 2010

Infinite Possibilities

Interesting weekend. Definitely a study of social interactions on Friday. I went to a singles gathering at a sports bar on that evening. I had been invited by a girlfriend of mine (MAC) & I didn't expect much but I wanted to go out & I enjoyed hanging with MAC, so much in common, that I thought it would be kinda fun. It was kinda fun. I was struck however at how sad some of the folk were who came--not all though, which gives me hope for future gatherings. The men were the paunchy, balding type that I've described in the past--no vibrancy, no excitement...I felt badly for them as I felt the desperation roll off of them in palpable waves--eeewww. A lot of them have never been married & seem to recirculate from singles group to singles group--I must admit that I think I'd do better with the online stuff compared to these sad sacks...I felt badly. I was with MAC & another woman that I knew from waaaaay back. Both are also very vibrant & engaging women & we all knew there was nothing there for us...

But, what was interesting was that I was able to observe the one woman from waaay back meet an online guy for the first time--a new perspective. She met this guy at the bar after not even seeing his picture--a ballsy move on her part for sure--something I'd never do. I avoid guys who don't provide a picture & always seem to say the following, "Trust me babe, you won't be sorry..." And of course, she was sorry. Turns out MAC & I spent more time on her date than she did. He was nice enough but so not in her sphere of interest--round, bald, & had a huge glittering cross hanging from a chain. Not that being another religion is a deal-breaker, just not the huge, glittering cross kind....he had nice eyes though & he bought all three of us drinks. My girlfriend left us with him while she went to observe the rest of the group play pool. Left him high & dry at the bar--we chatted with him briefly but we weren't responsible for her failed date so we relocated to another part of the bar where at least some of the patrons had possibilities. I guess he got the message cuz soon he walked over to us & told us, "See you, nice meeting you," & left. My friend returned & then got a text from him, "Too bad it didn't work, but your friend MAC is hot, can I have her number?" Can't blame a guy for trying I suppose. I think I would've handled it a bit differently--I think I'd have told him that it was nice meeting him but I didn't see a connection--I wouldn't leave him like that--

The rest of the evening was spent flirting with guys--we seemed to attract a lot of guys wearing hats--my girlfriend dubbed them "Hatmandus"--we just couldn't figure it out. Dude with the red knit NY Yankees hat just about was the end of us...he was Hatmandu #2. He waved his drink at me & kept walking by me--I avoided eye contact as much as possible & willed him NOT to come over. Instead I got the original "Hatmandu", an older barfly guy asking me "hat on, or hat off? hat on or hat off?" in my face. I was seriously hoping he was referring to a knit cap he was waving around & not something like a condom or being circumsized.... Like I said--interesting night for social interactions. But just having a girls' night was fun & I look forward to doing it again.

It is the future of possibility that I am thinking about right now. I was out doing mundane grocery shopping this morning when I received a text message from Xing Fu. It read, "I hope our freckles align." That took my breath away & my heart was racing again.

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