Saturday, January 23, 2010

On the Cusp

Look at me with starry eyes
Push me up to starry skies
There's stardust in my head
Pure and simple every time
Fresh and deep as oceans new
Shiver at the sight of you
I'll sing a softer tune
Pure and simple over you
Pure and simple just for you

The Lightening Seeds--Pure

Been a bit over-the-top recently and certainly my feet are hovering in the stratosphere. I guess eventually I'll need to float back down to earth. I'm quite sure my BFFs are getting a little worn out by my behavior--thank goodness they indulge me...or mebbe they want to take me out back & shoot me thereby alleviating their collective misery in dealing with the floating girl. But they're certainly being good sports as I've been bouncing, bouncing, bouncing like Tigger these days. It is intoxicating at times but I am continuously excited by the connections there seem to be between us--we keep uncovering more & I think it surprises us both--every time we've been together we discover that we both know a remote area down south that very few others in our acquaintance know, or countless other seemingly small things that just add more to the list of alignment.

Last night BFF(J) & her husband met Xing Fu for the first time. Overall impressions were favorable--it was a rather short introduction as we had dinner reservations for Baltimore Restaurant Week and we were dropping my kid off at her house so he could hang with her son. He told me that he wants to meet my friends which makes me very happy--I like that he wants to be involved that way.

In fact, my BFF(J) said that he was much better than the Bull in her opinion--that is a very good thing. I told him that what I learned from my relationship with the Bull will make me better with him. Looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

The question is, will he be able to pass the Family Test including the sister BS test which, to date, has yet to be wrong about any of your Romeo's.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but will he pass the family/younger sister test? From what we hear, this dude is great. Can't wait to decide for myself! :)