Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday Night With a Twist

Had a very cool opportunity last night while racing.  I was able to bring my BFF(J) down to the West River & join our boat.  We had pretty decent wind too so she had opportunity to actually pitch in--when you are short crew members--makes you an instant asset, even beyond just being "rail meat".  It is always cool when you bring someone outside of racing (she is a windsurfer & kite surfer so she's not a total noob) into the "fold" & have them experience the excitement that is sailboat racing--especially if there's actually wind on the Chesapeake in July like we had last night.  I also was anxious for her to meet people that I've come to enjoy spending time with--consider them friends & not just "the boat that I sail on."  Plus, as time progresses, I have also forged relationships with other folk on many of the other boats & I look forward to dinner after the race to talk with them as well--good to share with my BFF(J) a part of my life that folk up here in Baltimore just don't see.  And since Xing Fu is away this week, it was much easier to orchestrate a time to leave & not have to be concerned with coordinating with three people--also helped that her children, as well as my son are all away at overnight camp so no worries about who's going to watch the kids (not that they necessarily need watching at their ages).  I hope she decides to join me again--I think she learned a lot about this racing--vastly different then her experiences on another friend of her's boat--I believe a Benehuntalina--ie., cruising.  No triple-time need for speed there.  I know that it was difficult for her as well--so much new vocabulary that one must digest quickly--can't just say, "put that rope around that thingy & pull!"  Need to explain the winch, the handle, the self-tailer, the direction that you need to wrap the line around the winch, etc., etc.  When cruising, there is so much more time to explain, or when there's little wind.  The learning curve is way steeper when there is heavier wind during a race.  But my BFF(J) was able to do a little jib trim at the end of the race as we came to the finish & the land sheltered the wind enough for her to get a little feel for what the sails should look like.  I'm glad that my skipper gave her that opportunity.  

An aside:  feeling a bit like a "Sidedish Friend" these days. 

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