Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Quest for Piggly Wiggly & Other Stories From a Packed Weekend

 OK, weirdly I decided that this was a great logo & I wanted a reusable bag to carry my groceries from the Piggly Wiggly's.  We don't have them up here--so I was on a quest.  Sometimes I just get on these tangents, but in all honesty, we needed breakfast stuff so I had a legitimate reason to go there.  Sadly, the PW we went to in New Bern had no reusable bags.  The cashier was very helpful though--she said that they had bumper stickers (not the same but still fun), again we struck out.  I now am in possession of 2 regular plastic grocery bags--ah well--perhaps online is the option.  I must say that I'm very happy that Xing Fu indulged my quest & didn't make too much fun of me.

We'd driven down to NC & I'd been a bit worried--all those hours in a car--how would that work?  Boredom?  Irritation?  Nah--all of us did quite well & aside from the nasty rain at one point, we made it down to Oriental in fairly good time.  I'd found these cabins right on the river in this town & they were really quite charming--the cost per night was an amazing value & it was quite a comfortable night.  The next quest was of course the one for a good bbq--every time I'm down in NC, that's what I look for--and happily found--two times this year.  One was Moore's in New Bern--great NC style stuff--we'd been last year & I knew that another visit was in order.  After dinner we went back to Oriental & walked along the docks--it was quite a magical evening--a hot, sultry July night with the stars shining after the storms pushed through, surrounded by sailboats, & listening to the fish flip & play in the water.  My son decided he'd rather watch TV than go look at a bunch of sailboats in the dark--OK, so I guess that is a bit over-the-top--the sailboats in the dark, but in my mind there's nothing more peaceful than listening to the gentle swaying of the masts & lines gently bumping.  Plus there were a lot of great boats to look at--even in the dark.  (yeah, ok--my son says I'm sailing obsessed--guilty as charged)
                               Oriental, NC

The next day we dropped the kid at camp (and yes, I cry every time) & Xing Fu got an opportunity to see this great sailing camp--watch my kid summarily dismiss his mom, & then we took off to meet a couple of Xing Fu's friends from college.  It was very cool because I had an opportunity to sit back & watch the interplay--I think I learned a lot about Xing Fu & the type of friends he has--it was a great experience for me--I enjoyed being the fly on the wall at one point--glad that these guys were comfortable enough with me to go about their discussions & normal interactions without altering their behavior because "a woman was there."  I continued to indulge my best bbq quest & we all enjoyed a great meal--& I also was able to satisfy my desire for grits too (mebbe there's a bit of southern in me--does the fried okra give it away?)  I guess it makes sense that I'd like his friends as well.  The next day we left to make the long drive back up to Baltimore & still no Piggly Wigglys...

Driving home was another opportunity to grow our relationship--the hours passed & as I usually despise long car trips, this one passed in a blink--again reaffirming what I've known all along--we are a good fit--that we don't run out of things to talk about.   Recently read a brief article in Redbook that states that "good relationships are built on daily loving interactions."  Can be a look, a hug, whatever, but the daily connections are key.  So far, we manage to do that even on the evenings we aren't together--and when we spend long hours in a car...and it has been easy.   

We needed to get back to Baltimore because we had tix to see Counting Crows & Augustana at Pier 6.  Yet another concert--one of three for this summer--coming up Arcade Fire & Spoon (!!!! again!!!) & then David Gray & Ray LaMontagne.  Hopefully add the Virgin Festival as well.  It was a great evening of music & rounded out my birthday (yup).  Oh, did I mention that the 12th was my birthday?  This one was one of the better ones & unlike last year's, no disappointment in sight.  

It was a great jam-packed weekend--forgot to mention the racing on Friday night (imagine that), & now to get ready for the next series of events: one of my buddies from college is in to visit on Friday (we're going to the ballgame  & maybe, just maybe the Orioles will pull out a win--a girl can dream) & then on to Screwpile....and then maybe a few days off....but I wouldn't trade this--it has been wonderful.


Michael Lindsay said...

If you are still looking for a Piggly Wiggly bag, let me know. I'd be glad to ship you one!

Michael Lindsay

Sailorgrl21 said...

You have a reusable one?