Thursday, July 8, 2010

PHRF B? (Not Quite a Sailing Post)

 It has been hella-hot around the B-more area these past few days--so much so that BCPS(S) has closed summer programs for the past 2 days (I'm not complaining but I don't get paid on the summer days that I don't work) and it has been nice to just have to focus on getting the kid packed for camp.  We leave to take him to camp on Saturday & it should be an interesting & fun trip.  And then next weekend is Screwpile...more on that later.  It will be less than a week that I see my kid--back now from France (he had an amazing time) & off to camp for a month on Saturday...must be nice.  I'll miss him but he'll continue to have an amazing summer.

So last night was a Wednesday race evening.   And did we race????   No way!  Well, mebbe....It was so hot with a spotty breeze--my skipper pulled up in her little runabout powerboat stuffed full of water skis, a board, & a big tube & said that she'd rather swim & ski--how did the crew feel?  Some of us were game to race (Xing Fu & myself, along with others who, if pressed may have acquiesced), but we then thought about the downwind leg & decided that perhaps tooling around in a motorboat was far more preferable than bobbing on a hot sailboat for hours.   I had brought my suit in anticipation that the race may be called & we'd swim so I was all set..changed on the sailboat & dove was a great evening--team building a bit, a bunch of sailors enjoying an evening on the water.  We motored over to the start with our PHRF B flag flying & registered for the race & then went around to our competition hitting them with a watergun.  Later, after we'd tubed & skied, as we watched the boats begin to die on the downwind leg as predicted, we decided that for once we'd finish the race in first place.  One of our crew got on the water skis & flew the PHRF B flag from his hand as we crossed the finish line & got the gun from the RC.  Finally, a first in our class--without the spinnaker!!!  We finished the evening at the skipper's house for a bbq. She had brought back pre-mixed Dark n' Stormys from Bermuda--they came in soda cans--very cool & quite good for a pre-done drink. Looking forward to Screwpile & 3 days of craziness on the water with my boat.  But it isn't a total loss this week--Xing Fu & I will be racing Friday on a new boat for the AYC Beer Can series.  Non-spin, but still racing... 

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