Monday, March 14, 2011

Chicken Soup for My Soul

I spent the entire weekend sick in bed with a nasty stomach bug.  Seems that I inherited it from my kid but mine is far worse than his was.  Certainly not one of my greatest moments--I think I spent most of Saturday pretty much unconscious & a good portion of Sunday unable to do much more.  I hate when weekends are wasted; especially weekends that are the ones Xing Fu & I spend together--he spent the weekend caring for me & by extension my son.  I guess that can be considered a true test of a relationship--seeing someone in their not so attractive state.  And getting up with them at 2AM to hold their hair & the garbage can.  I think at one point I asked him why he was here--he could be off doing a million other things but he said that he needed to be there for me & that I'd do the same for him (which is very true).  That was very nice to hear because I really couldn't do much more than lie in bed & moan.  At least there was a lot of basketball this weekend--so I didn't feel entirely guilty since there were at least 3 games that kept Xing Fu close by my HD TV.  Plus the NCAA selection for March Madness last night.  

But ultimately what was so wonderful was that he was there for me--pushed liquids, brought me ice which has been about the only thing I've been able to keep down, brushed my hair back to see if I was running a fever, brought me flowers & helped me take care of my kid (making dinner on both Saturday & Sunday evenings).  And I still beat him at Scrabble!!  

I remember writing in the past about being sick & miserable, contemplating my navel--but what I didn't ever talk about was the alone part--of no one checking in on me.  It was comforting not to be alone & knowing that there was someone watching over me when I was probably not at my best & certainly not at my most romantic. And to top it all off--I haven't been the nicest recently--he's been working a lot of extra hours & that's been hard for me to deal with--so the fact that he has stuck by me when I haven't been such a great & understanding GF is a big deal--one that won't get lost on me.  I will do better.  Maybe I am contemplating my navel after all--can't seem to get past being sick without spending some time poking around down there....

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notthemomma said...

Sounds like a good egg!

Like the new blog look, by the way!