Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting Away

Cape Henlopen State Park
Getting ready to disappear for the weekend.  Going to the beach is a great way just to get away & recharge without taking a huge amount of time.  I think I need to do this about every 6 months or so--no pressures, no concerns, do what we like or do nothing (hard for the likes of the two of us).  My son will be with his aunt, grandfather & father in Bethesda so this is a good weekend for Xing Fu & I to get away before the sailing season ramps up & we're consumed by regattas.  I also think that it gives our relationship a little shot in the arm.  We get so caught up in the everyday of our lives & enjoying our relationship sometimes takes a back seat.  I always feel reconnected when we get home & closer to Xing Fu.  He doesn't necessarily feel the need--guess he's humoring me but I think he knows that I need it so he does treat it with care.

So perhaps some geocaching at Henlopen State Park, a walk to the beach, & maybe nothing more.  For me the beach is a way for me to clear my brain.  It calls to me...the ocean feels like home even in the dead of winter or early spring.  And I can share that with Xing Fu.  Just us.  I can't wait.



notthemomma said...

Sounds great. Love off-season (or anytime) beach trips. Enjoy!!!

Incognito said...

Good for you; I am so in need of a beach getaway. It is usually this time of year that we are in the islands and I've been seriously missing that down time.

Spring break is a number of weeks away, but I am hoping to get out of town for at least part of that time; maybe to Charleston, so that I can have some of the old city charm and the water at the same time.

Enjoy your weekend and your recharging; hugs to you both.