Monday, March 21, 2011

Whir, Whir, Blend

Families are a fragile thing.  As we continue to "normalize" the two families I feel like a quiet acceptance has arisen from all of the children--it's not a bad one like a sigh of resignation.  More like an, "OK, so this is what this blended family thing can be & it's ain't so bad."  All of us are participating in the March Madness bracket pool--so far Xing Fu & I are tied--damn Syracuse for losing to Marquette--I would've been in the lead!  

However, the best feeling came when Xing Fu told me that his youngest wanted him to call me to see what I was up to on Saturday evening & invite me over---words cannot begin to describe how that makes me feel. It has been a tough year for his kids in particular & to begin to feel a part of their normal weekend is huge.  I remember describing how I felt like I was the man behind the curtain like in The Wizard of Oz. I am glad that I no longer feel that way & I hope his kids are becoming much more comfortable with my presence as well as my son's.  My son joined me on Saturday over at Xing Fu's for dinner.  Last night I had everyone over for Navarin d'agneau (Spring Lamb Stew).  His kids said that eating at my house was an adventure because they will always have something they've never eaten before--their horizons are being expanded.  I like that they see that--that I'm contributing to their lives in some way that they hadn't had before.  I also enjoyed watching the interaction between Xing Fu & his kids--they crack me up--Dad is so NOT cool!  Funny....

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Incognito said...

This post made me smile; I so wish my "blended families" had worked in this way. Instead, it brought up insecurities and jealousies that are at the forefront of almost every interaction. Most importantly, it is the parents whom the kids are watching and when that part of the equation fails, it all fails.

The fact that one of Xing Fu's children called to see if you would come over is so heartwarming. Any adventure is a good adventure; keep the pot stirring and it will warm everyone's soul. Peace.