Friday, September 25, 2009

The Jumper

It is so tragic it's funny. I live near a new development that is built around an old quarry. The water hasn't filled up entirely, at least a 1/2 mile down from the top to the surface of the water but rumor or urban legend has it that it is about 500 or more feet deep. At the bottom are supposedly a ton, at least, of heavy equipment--somewhat like the canals in Amsterdam--supposedly a mile thick in mud & then a mile thick in bikes before the water on the top.

Anyway, yesterday I was driving home with my kid about 9:15 pm or so & we see an ambulance drive into the quarry development. We glance up & there is a helicopter circling over the quarry with its spotlight on. My son says, "what's going on?" I reply, "Looks like someone jumped into the quarry." I was right. The entire street next to the quarry was lined with police & emergency vehicles. We drove into our neighborhood & pulled into an overlook street but we couldn't really see anything. My son asked why would anyone want to jump into the quarry because it doesn't go straight down--you'd have to bump down the side until you hit the water. He figured the person would really be injured or dead.

The next morning I visit the Starbucks in the shop part of the development & ask the manager if she knew what happened. She told me that a guy jumped in--I knew that, but the tragically funny part of this was that apparently the same guy jumped last year--on the same day! It had to be a water rescue because the ropes weren't long enough to reach the guy, which cost the county even more. I just couldn't believe it--the audacity of this guy--and the vast amounts of money it cost to rescue his sorry ass! I want to send a bill to him, after he gets released from Sheppard-Pratt of course, for the expenses he incurred as a result of his SAD--my tax rate will be impacted--they shoulda let him drown! OK--maybe not, but still....

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