Sunday, September 13, 2009


So welcome to my 100th post! I have been sorta saving up a few things recently to put in the 100th post so I can make it a BIG DEAL....or something. As the overall theme of this blog has been primarily about my dating disasters, frustrations, or excitements, I wanted to make sure that this post contained all of that--there won't be a disappointment because--yes, I have had quite a ride recently & that's been both a good & a very frustrating thing. I haven't posted everything about last weekend until now because I needed time to think on it a bit & figure out just what I have been working through. There's a lot saved up--and this week may prove to be a multiple-post kinda week--last weekend to this weekend--both quite the trip.

The Bad Boy Bug--or B-cubed. I got it BAD. Yep, I am certifiable in this respect--the badder the better--After reflecting on my various men I am seeing quite the clear pattern: I am excited by the Bad Boys. Yes, I've touched on this theme before, but after this summer & last week's experiences, well it can't be too much clearer. Those "loveable assholes" as the Bull used to call himself set a fire for me & the nice guys--i.e. Mr. Trip to Amsterdam, do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Sigh.

Last weekend I took my son racing with a man who is most definitely a Bad Boy. I gotta say--couldn't have been more romantic sailing in under the beautiful setting sun (see above), with a cup-o-wine, my son laying in the little belly that the main sail makes at the boom, and BB2 & I, shall I say delicately, enjoying each other's company while watching the sun set & the full moon with Jupiter rise. That was, without a doubt, one of my best experiences this summer--the entire weekend, really. Of course with any BB there is drama, & there certainly was drama--I will most probably recount that in another post because otherwise it will just take too long.

So Friday we sail into St Michael's & dock at a house with the most amazing family. They built their house entirely with a green purpose--all the way to the solar panels & waste disposal system. Even the beams that they used were recycled from an old barn. The tiles in the shower were hand-placed with a sea theme--little mirrors, sea glass, etc. I was very impressed--it was a beautiful house with a beautiful family--their two little girls were like sunshine--too good to be true but here they were with fresh sea bass cooked in an outdoor oven that the husband had just made, with a salad from their garden, cooked perfectly & waiting until we got in--about 8:30 that night. They had a boat that they'd be racing against us the next day. They were so inviting and made us feel so at home--there was another house on the property belonging to the grandmother but she was away & left the house for our convenience--shower, bathroom--my son slept in one of the bedrooms instead of on the boat. After dinner, we mosey back down to the boat & my son hangs up at the house. Realizing of course that there was a race the next day, we completely ignore this fact--full moon, gently rocking sailboat--I was awakened in the middle of the night....

I recounted the race in the last post so I don't need to go over it again except to say that the family whose house we docked took 1st & it was quite fitting that they did--it was well-fought & well-earned.

Sunday arrived & BB2 & I were up just after sunrise, sitting up in the house while my son slept in the back bedroom. I had taken to calling BB2 an asshole during the weekend--he absolutely loved that I called him this with all that it implied--it was funny but I didn't even think of the Bull--just of BB2 & how much he was a bad boy & how that excited me. While we were chatting, etc., BB2 saw bald eagles swooping down to the water trying to catch their breakfast--he wanted to make sure that I saw them so we walked outside & stood entwined, on the little bluff overlooking the water & waited. This is what so sucks about bad boys--they can be such great guys--romantic, talkative, & involved in life. I was thinking about Mr. Trip & how silent he was a lot of the time--I wanted to discuss the world with him & all he would do was sit. It made me somewhat uncomfortable. BB2 was engaging & loves to regale stories from his quite colorful life--a lot like another BB I know. Very soon the eagles returned--a juvenile & a full grown male--just an incredible sight. As I've said, the weekend was full of incredible experiences--of all the senses--one of the thank the universe kinds of times that makes you smile when re-living it.

The family invites us up to the house for peach pancakes--with local St Michael's organic coffee alongside. Such a nice send-off--when I got back to Baltimore I sent them Zeke's Coffee with t-shirts for everyone in the family--I was just so taken by them & their kindness. Sailing back was intense. BB2 gives my son the spinnaker to fly on the way--teaches him what to do & puts him on the foredeck, laying down, with his back to us. We sit in the cockpit--BB2 with his hand on the tiller, steering the boat and the other....feeling sun shining on my upturned face, the sound of the wind & other boats passing, I'm relaxed against BB2's chest, sailing across the bay--- Eventually my kid gets bored so I take over flying the kite until we get close to Bloody Point--where our course changes & we have to douse the chute. We wanted to catch some of the races of Annapolis Race Week & watch them round the mark & pop their chutes. I saw a few boats I race against & we sail up & down the line watching--very cool listening to BB2's discussion of some of the racing strategies he was observing--he is truly an excellent sailor--I have great respect for that.

I've been thinking about the rest of the weekend--our return to the marina, what BB2 said to me, the other folk around, & I think I need to think some more about it. Suffice it to say, I knew what I was dealing with walking into the weekend with this man. I knew that beyond a special friendship there would be nothing more--and that's ok. If anything else, my relationship with the Bull has helped me recognize the BBs out there & take them at face value. BB2 never misrepresented himself--he was always honest--I give him credit for that--at least in that respect he isn't a player--or mebbe he's an honest player. I do look forward to more times like this one--it was great fun!

More on this next time....

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