Monday, June 28, 2010

The Fight and Other Weekend Adventures

Do not need to say how busy the weekend was--kinda can be implied most of the time these days.  

We went to see Phish at Merriweather on Saturday.  It was great fun until the break between sets.  We were all chilling on the lawn, chatting with our neighbors when out of the blanket of people a group of folk with a double stroller with two babies bouncing around inside decides to park itself against our cooler & our backs.  The next thing we notice is that the "couple?" sorta disappears leaving one of the babies (must've been around 18 months old or so) standing up in the stroller, which of course was perched precariously on the hill (as I said, our cooler seemed to be the brake).  The couple directly next to the stroller & a little ways up the hill, kept putting up their hands so that if the baby fell, he or she wouldn't hurt themselves as there seemed to be no responsible adult in sight attached to said baby.   

Xing Fu & I turn back around & start to chat with the guy sitting to our right.  Next thing we know, there's beer pouring down on us & the sheet we were sitting on, & a roiling mass of folk directly behind us are engaging in a huge pushing & shouting match.  The guy to our right snatches the baby out of the stroller just as it starts to lurch back & forth because it would have been far worse if the baby had been trampled by the crowd.  Still no mother of baby in sight, btw...The baby is whimpering but doesn't seem too upset by the fact that a perfect stranger is holding him & that masses of people are tumbling about right near him.  I stand near the baby as well--a soothing female presence perhaps.  From what we can gather, the father? of the baby & hence owner of the stroller, was being asked (or told), to move the stroller as it was no place to be in the middle of a huge standing & dancing, etc. mound of people.  He didn't like what the guy had to say to him & proceeded to start shoving him.  That's when the fight broke out--we were amazed--at a Phish concert???  The vibe is decidedly Grateful Dead & most folk were just laid-back & grooving to the music.  Finally, the guy settled a bit & evaporated, leaving the guy next to us still holding the baby who now was beginning to cry & fret & the stroller.   Mom?  Mom?  We hear about 2 minutes later a woman crying out, "Where's my baby?  Where's my baby?"  The "hero" next to us hands the kid over & then she & the kid disappear--stroller with all their crap still sitting in the middle of us & not even a "thank you" to the guy who really did take care that the baby was safe.  Not a uniform in sight.  The couple who were directly next to the stroller begin to push it up the hill & out of the way, when the dad materializes again & reclaims the errant stroller.  The rest of the concert passed rather uneventfully but what an experience!

Sunday found us on the "imaginary" push-button sailboat that my folks own.  I say "imaginary" because up to this point Xing Fu had never been on it & said that he didn't believe that it actually existed...we had a great sail & I was very happy to see that my dad had to give respect to my boyfriend's sailing prowess.  Xing Fu couldn't help himself--trimming the main for maximum performance on a cruiser--just cracked me up--that's what happens when you put a person who primarily races on a cruising boat--they want to make it go better...but we dropped the anchor like good cruisers & went swimming in the bay--no jellyfish yet so it was a great swim.  Afterwards we ate dinner at the yacht club & played the "Ugly Commodore Contest"--anybody who is new to the yacht club has to pick him out--points given if you make the correct selection--of course Xing Fu passed....

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