Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Additional Proof

I like to think that we've got it right & when I come across these little "love advice" excerpts, it reiterates those feelings of rightness.  So here's another one:

From Yahoo & Match:
“Ironically, it was our first argument that made me realize we clicked as a couple. One night when my boyfriend and I were newly dating, we had a dilly of a disagreement on the phone. But instead of hanging up, my boyfriend made me stay on the line for four hours until we’d worked through it and communicated our sides fairly. His rule was ‘never go to sleep angry’ and by sticking to that we were able to move forward rather than break up. Now we’re engaged.”
— Regina Petruzzi, Reston, VA

Love lesson: How you deal during your low points means a lot. “The key to dealing with the lows is riding them out with your partner, as Regina’s boyfriend insisted on doing, rather than running away from them,” says Hamburg. “The main reason couples’ fights don’t get resolved is because they can’t stand the anxiety that comes from finding themselves in conflict with the person they love.” That’s why couples who can deal with tiffs without losing their heads have it made.   

I have always said that communication is key--I truly believe that it is--makes for no confusion about where things stand, no trying to guess what the other person is thinking, & even better, getting to a resolution, & moving on--no running away.  

I also appreciate that we tell one another exactly what we do appreciate about one another--those affirmations are important & make us closer.  We remind ourselves also that we don't want to get to a point where we take those things for granted--like morning emails, or bringing dessert--even the smallest gestures that some would think are quite mundane are expressions that show love.

"Am I glowing?"  Of course!

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