Monday, September 20, 2010


As we move back into "school mode" a comfortable pattern is emerging.  On the evenings & subsequent mornings that we are together we both have said that our morning routine is rather refreshing.  Instead of getting up & going about the morning alone, it is a time to talk about plans for the upcoming day at our respective places of employment & share a quick breakfast.  It sets a positive tone for the rest of the day.  Equally I've seen our weekends together emerge in a similar way--and I'm not saying that there's a habitual or boring pattern, not at all.  It is as I have written: easy-going & fun.  An ease, a comfort that does not distract from the excitement of all that we enjoy together because there is quite a lot--even from forty-somethings with kids....the continued exploration of each other's psyches & seeing the fit.  Friday spent at Belvedere Square listening to music from the last summer concert series & drinking wine at Grand Cru.  Odd little aside:  We were standing with our arms around each other just listening to the band when a woman stops & says, "Get a room!"  She was carrying a container of french fries & ketchup & Xing Fu replies, "Can I have a fry?"  She says, "Sure, & have some ketchup too."   Fun exchange & quite amusing.

Music definitely figures prominently for us, which is a very good thing--major shared interest.  On Wednesday we listened to CSN sitting at Pier 7 with my kid in tow.  We brought dinner & a nice Sauvignon Blanc (Pomelo) to share & David Crosby even acknowledged all of the freeloaders.  Easy.

Yes, we've had some rough patches but we always seem to come back to center.  And even those patches are not long--we talk--communication is key--it is a theme that I hope not to forget.

The adventure continues....

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