Sunday, January 29, 2012

House Woes

Busy, busy...this house thing is so frustrating.  All I want to do is get this damn house listed & all I seem to be able to do is find more & more problems.  I have a contractor who is working on the house right now & I've been unable to take a shower in my bathroom as he's been up to his elbows in tile, pipes & drywall.  And it is still not done.  After getting everything fixed, drywall replaced, tiles replaced, grout & caulk...there's no water pressure!    So now he'll need to investigate this problem & of course this issue will lead to another.  And the front hallway is torn up & soon the kitchen floor will be as well.  And painting, and buffing & sanding the hardwood floors & steps, and do I get a new vanity for the bathroom?  Oh, and did I mention the new roof?  Xing Fu reminds me that it is an old house & I should expect these issues, but...but...

And I have a timeline--I want to have this house ready to list at the end of February & I am hoping to be moving by April.  Maybe my thinking is pie-in-the-sky but I just want to get this done & get a move on before the summer whirlwind hits.  Yes, part of this is moving on, moving out, & my impatience to get there & close a chapter in my life that my current house represents.  But I know it takes time but I really wish things in this frickin' house would stop breaking!!

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