Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Way-Extended Mishpocheh

I had a very interesting weekend--took/taking a couple days to process & I think it was overall a good one.  Xing Fu's dad & stepmother came in from Texas to spend the weekend with Xing Fu, his kids, me, & my son.  Talk about blending a family.  It was the first time that they met me & my son--that was nerve-wracking just by itself. But it was a learning experience to be sure.  It was also good to learn a little bit about the father of the man I am planning to spend the rest of my life with. I can say that he is spartan (an austere air about him) in his approach--I think Xing Fu is as well--this is not necessarily a criticism--but I see that he comes by it honestly.   I think I am still processing that a bit--but the time spent with everyone was a good one & my son made me proud by being affable & genuinely involved. 

On Sunday, we drove down to DC to visit Xing Fu's oldest at college--we needed two cars so I had one of his kids on the way down & both on the way back (my son was with his aunt (my former sister-in-law)). We had lunch, visited the campus & drove back.  It was a very nice afternoon & I think everyone enjoyed the time together.  Later, we would all have dinner together including my kid.  But first he had to come back from his aunt's house--he had spent Sunday at her boyfriend's music shop--he just loves going there & playing all of the guitars.  So I asked my former SIL if she'd drop him off at Xing Fu's place.  She said sure & now we have a convoluted mess of a mishpocheh...My ex's sister, my son, & Xing Fu's kids, dad & stepmom.  It is kinda cool--my former SIL knows Xing Fu & now his dad & his kids--how strange is that?  My mom says that it's a good thing that everyone is willing & interested to be involved with one another--mebbe eventually I'll get to know Xing Fu's ex's family too--it would be nice if everyone figured it all out & developed a positive relationship--if my SIL, Xing Fu, & I can do this, (and my parents who are also quite fond of my SIL), then I think we all can.  That is my hope for the future--that all of the sides of the families can spend time together in some capacity.

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