Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping Forward

I so wanted to write a blog post for Leap DayJust having that date stamp is kinda cool--yeah, okay, geeking out a bit...

But in general it has been a leap forward--the house will be listed very soon & I've picked up 15 empty wine boxes to begin to pack away my wine cellar.  The upgrades in the house are taking shape--like a new cook top--nicely painted cabinets, & soon I hope, a new floor...I also think that this weekend will be a real push for getting all of the rest of the house ready for showing--

Perhaps I am taking a "leap of faith" in thinking that we can time this right--finding a buyer & finding a house to buy at the same time.  I know that it probably will never be that easy but a girl can dream.  And of course I am concerned that this will time itself right into the middle of sailing season forcing us both to cut out of some regattas. Ah, the stress of it all!

And in case some of you out there are thinking that I may just follow Leap Day tradition & propose--think again!  Last year I pranked a bunch of folk on April Fool's Day but I will abstain from such insouciant behavior now. Interesting reference to Chaucer here:
 In Leap Year they have power to chuse
The men no charter to refuse 

(This couplet was attributed to him.)

So chickies--today's your day!  Go for it!  And Happy Leap Day!  

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