Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where Are They Now?

Last night my friend MAC & I were chatting on Facebook & had a little giggle about past subjects on this blog.  What came of that is the "Where Are They Now?"

Hmmmm....where to start?

Mr. Amsterdam--
Spent the next few weeks after our trip offering new internet dating women opportunities to go abroad--all expenses paid.  Most thought he was nuts & didn't go out with him.  One day a woman took him up on his offer & off they went to Italy.  They're married & visit the Bridge of Sighs every year on their anniversary.

Skiing the half-pipes in Vermont.  Really!

Still Married!  Really!

Preacher Man--
Swore off alcohol after our date...until the next woman crazy enough to go out with a man with 11 children.  She introduced him to pot & now he's a grower in Humboldt County.

The Bear--
Found wearing the bear suit a female magnet so wore it to parties whenever he could.  Fell in with the Furries & is "yiffing" with his unicorn.

Drummer Boy--
Did not do well in the dating scene--got back with his wife & is part of a polygamous marriage with his "brother-hubbies"--all 4 of them. 

Bad boy to the core.  Will never change!  Really!

And, last but certainly not least:

The Bull--
Went back to the other woman & begged her forgiveness.  She took him back...for a month.  Until he told her that he wanted to be polyamorous & would she become a swinger?  She kicked him out & he went on a bender in which eventually his genitalia shriveled up & he has resorted to using a penis pump.  Because of over-dying his hair, it all fell out just before his 50th birthday.  He still thinks he's a Lothario but most women think he's a lech.   He lives alone with his online porn to keep him company.  He may have caught a video of the bear & his unicorn one night....

Of course there are many more but those are the ones that I remember the most.

And as for Xing Fu, aka Music Buddy?  Well, I think most of you know the story...The Frog Prince.  Is it happily ever after?  --time will tell.  "Ribbit"

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