Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reach Out & Touch--Bad Touch

A couple months ago I mentioned cyber-stalking & phone stalking that I had been experiencing. It had been ongoing but was just a minor irritant up until a few weeks ago. The wack-job called me yet again & left me a new, even more crazy threatening message. She told me that she had warned me not to keep in contact with her husband & that I hadn't listened. She said my cell phone number was all over the cell records & that if she caught me out she would "crush my fucking skull!" Lovely! None of what she said is remotely true since I don't even know her husband. All I know is his name is Chris & he lives in Harford County (see, I told you that that part of Maryland just wasn't my bag). I'm not sure which alternate universe she resides in but I'm pretty damn sure I haven't been seeing a Chris. In other words, the Bull's name isn't Chris & he doesn't live in Harford County.

This time I decided to go to the police. I make a report & the officer listens to the message. Of course crazy-lady always makes the calls "restricted". He says he will subpoena my cell records to see if he can get the number so I can press charges. Now it's a few weeks later & I call to find out what I can do & if I can go place a restraining order against my wackadoo stalker. The officer tells me that he can't access the number after all & there's not too much I can do other than change my cell number. I REALLY don't want to do that because everyone I know calls me on that number. So here I am stuck with some crazy person up in Harford County who gets her jollies calling & threatening me with bodily harm. Never let it be said that dating was dull! Or in this case not even dating...I'm not sure I talked to this Chris guy more than once way back in August & he obviously left a huge impression on me...well his "wife" would love to leave a huge impression on me.

Nope, not gonna mention him....I know you want me to.


Anonymous said...

Heeeeyyyy...isn't this the post title I suggested that you didn't like?

I'm wondering if you shouldn't just chat with her to see if she really knows where you live. If she doesn't then it may be time to "confess" everything, then sit back and wait for the news report about the crazy-ass woman assaulting someone for no apparent reason.

DragonLady said...

Aw well--just didn't have my own original thought there! Thanks!