Sunday, January 11, 2009


I love airplanes! So an opportunity to go to the Udvar-Hazy Center near Dulles seemed kinda cool. Also known as the Air & Space Museum Annex. The Bull had planned this outing for our kids Saturday & I think I was the most excited by it. I have to give the Bull credit--he'd planned everything pretty carefully & he obviously can be very child-centered but in a cool, okay for adults too kinda way. We park my car near the V metro stop & as soon as I open my door the Bull's son hops out & asks if he can attack my son....he really likes him & I think he loves having this laid-back big brother type to wail on. Baby bull is HYPER--I thought my kid was, but this kid talks non-stop at a mile a minute. I thought the Bull talked a lot but I was mistaken. Whew!!!

We first went to an amazing BBQ in Va. This place is authentic & very cool--I think the Bull is in search of the best BBQ in the area & I was impressed, having been to many in the St. Louis area that put most around here to shame. This place was hopping! We couldn't even find a place to sit at first. But the St. Louis style ribs I had were pretty authentic--the Bull's burnt ends were amazing & the sides couldn't be any better--loved the mash & baked beans--YUM!

Next on to Udvar-Hazy:

I LOVE this place--especially the older planes--the first in flight ones. I could look at them forever. The Bull tells me he's never seen a woman so excited by old planes--even more than my son. The Baby bull is just excited regardless. The Bull purchases tix to the IMAX show which is called "Fighter Pilot". Not my bag, but it was cool nonetheless--my son loved it. First though we walk around looking at all these amazing planes. Of course I know what I want to see--the Enola Gay in all her glory, right in the center of the WWII planes. I want to see if my relative's name is written on the side. He was part of the crew--a radarman in charge of making sure the bomb exploded on the ground & not before hitting the ground or near the plane in an age when radar technology was brand-spanking new. So I can't find his name & I wander over to these old geezer-types to ask if they can help me. After I tell them who I am, they get very excited & walk us over to the guide who's got a whole group assembled in front of the Enola Gay. He tells everyone that they have a treat today because one of the relatives of a crew member is here. I am thoroughly embarrassed by this but try to downplay it all. We look for his name but can't find it. He was not one of the more known members like Tibbetts but he had a huge role regardless. The geezers weren't familiar with my great uncle but the Bull googles him on his blackberry & tells them all about him. I think he was impressed because I wasn't bullshitting (no pun intended) about my great uncle. My son wanted to make a big deal but I wasn't into being a spectacle so I try to hustle us all on. It was cool though.

After the movie we decide to leave & go to the next stop on our itinerary--this hobby shop for remote control toys also in Virginia. Not sure they need the advertising as the place was packed. The Bull needed a part for the remote toy he'd given the Baby Bull. Toys really does not adequately explain this place. Apparently there is no other place like it anywhere in southern Pennsylvania, Baltimore, D.C. or Virginia. It was very cool walking around looking at the slot cars, helicopters, planes, tanks, etc. I end up buying my kid these remote control toys that the Bull had gotten for his son. Now all of them can play together which apparently is the plan in the future. These aren't cheap so I hope they actually have a chance to battle on another. The Bull thinks the four of us will battle on teams.....I'd rather sail a remote sailboat but I guess I'll humor them.

I have to say that it was another great day we had--the Bull always comments on how well our kids get along--& I'm thinking, Well duh! Maybe that's because what we have is pretty great & the kids either sense it or actually have a big-little brother affinity for one another. Next we have to plan that ski trip--but I know we will & it will most probably be great too.

A sidenote: I did force the Bull to have a somewhat confrontational discussion with me on Saturday morning before we left. He of course tried to wiggle out, but I pushed..which he hated because he tells my I am pushy sometimes. But I wanted him to understand that I want honesty from him. That I didn't like him not telling me he couldn't come up Saturday night at the last minute so I could plan. He hadn't been sure if he had the Baby bull until that day. I said it was unfair & that I felt that he takes advantage of me. He disagreed of course but I think he understood my feelings. I think it was a good discussion & wasn't as bad as he thought it would be & maybe he can see that conflict between us isn't going to be horrible like the other relationships he's been part of, but maybe productive because it helps us to further understand one another. If for anything else, I at least felt that I had a little more control over our relationship than before & felt safer actually discussing how I felt instead of fearing that he'd just say forget it.

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