Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Eve

was great!

Which only makes everything more difficult when trying to make the bull "a great, nice guy to have fun with." And NOT a soul mate....

Part I: We go to my folks' house for dinner. My brother-in-law had an amazing spread planned: filet mignon, lobster tails, & king crab legs along with roasted asparagus & baked potatoes. It was phenomenal....We arrive, late of course, can't help it--we are always somewhat preoccupied when we're together, [hint, hint].....& the bull & my dad immediately start a deep discussion about politics. The bull is a huge newshound & politico so this was a natural place for him to go. The dynamics that evening were very interesting. He does fit in so well with the parents & my son so that's were things get confusing. Again my mom enjoys his company & tells me how attuned he is to me...My sister on the other hand wasn't so enthusiastic about the bull. I know she is being protective of me & doesn't want to see me hurt again. I don't want to see me hurt again either which is why I try to remind myself of how much I can really expect from him. I think the most interesting conversation was between my sis & the bull regarding what is cool. He apparently thinks I'm cool when I just think I'm a geek. My sis thinks I'm cooler than she is but there isn't a clear definition of what's cutting edge or cool. All I know is I'm considered cool...go figure. Also the relationship between my son & the bull is also quite nice. They love to pick on me together--not in a mean way, but teasingly. I like that. The fireworks had been cancelled so we had plans to leave & go to a friend's party by my house.

Part II: The party was also fun. My BFF(1) was there & already quite loopy. She was hysterically funny. She had a glow stick stuck in her hair which made her look like the devil, or an alien. Then she stuck one in her cleavage & walked around saying she was Dolly Parton as a pre-teen...guess you had to be there....There actually were two parties going on at the same time--one for the fogies & one for the college kids. The bull & I found ourselves hanging with the college kids more...not sure what that says about us, but oh well. As the ball on the TV dropped, I began to wonder what would be first: the New Year's champagne toast or the kiss? I wanted the kiss first because in my mind that was more consistent with being in a relationship with someone, but I wasn't going to push it. Luckily, the kiss was first & quite fulfilling, erasing those doubts. All I can say is that New Years was truly ideal: with a guy I really like, my best friend, time with my sister, my son & great has been a long time coming.

Part III: The next day & I was expecting the bull to leave fairly early. I had gotten a gift for him: you may ask why, & I may ask why, but I saw this silver disc with a Walt Whitman quote on one side & a sailboat engraved on the other & I thought of the both of us. "Now Voyager, Sail thou forth, to seek & find." I wasn't going to give it to him...but we'd had a conversation earlier in the evening on the way to the party that made me change my mind. He said that he felt we were a lot alike: that we thought alike & that we really "got" each other & how much he liked that about us. As always he seems to find the correct time to say something that hooks me right back in...So I gave him the gift & he really seemed to like it & understand what had motivated me to get it. That's all I could ask for. That & the fact that he stayed until 6 P.M. Very Nice. I had to hustle to get downtown to my folk's to see the rescheduled fireworks at 7. After the fireworks, which were awesome, I see that the bull had sent me a text at 7:02. A bunch of "boom, crash, bangs" in a long text. It was nice to know that he was thinking of me on the way home. Another thing I've discovered: If the bull feels good about the time we spend together he calls me that night when he gets home to talk. It was a long talk on Thursday night.

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