Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just a Passing Thought

Sometimes things rear their ugly selves. I happened to be listening to my ipod on the way to pick up my kid from the folks & this song was playing just as I had a moment of weakness. It just made me smile cuz it rang so true.....

Everytime we make a plan you find a way to show-up late
You lost your time, you say: relax baby don't lose your mind, well you put me on
Don't you think I noticed when you strolled away to take that call, said out of state
You faced the wall, your voice felt faint yeah ya' put me on

She might please you, miss whoever
She might lead you to think you're too clever
She'll deceive you, you best forget her
Cause whoever miss whoever is she ain't me

--She Ain't Me by Carrie Rodriguez

Now I feel better.

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