Monday, May 11, 2009

Where There's A Boat...There Ain't Me (Right Now)

I wish I didn't feel like crap. If I felt any better I'd be excited about this week. As it stands, all I can do right now is crawl into bed & hope that this cold thingy passes fast because racing with a cold totally sucks! I have the Wednesday Night races at the West River & then racing on Saturday out of Annapolis. I want to be well which is why I'm curtailing tonight's activities at taekwondo. Both my son & I are suffering--he didn't even want to see Star Trek yesterday! Of course this nasty spring weather hasn't helped one bit & also racing in the cold ain't too much fun either..along with the cold.

Additional disappointment was the fact that my parent's boat wasn't ready for Mother's Day either after all the mishaps with the hull paint, etc. The sails needed to be rigged & that didn't happen until today so yesterday was spent high & dry with nary a sailboat to board. I was only able to stare at them wistfully from my folks' balcony in the inner harbor. And as much as I love the pics my cousin posted on Facebook about the Antigua Sailing Week, I so wish I was there too--it looks like it was a blast. Can anyone tell that I'm jonesing for a sail?

Rain, rain go away.

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