Sunday, May 3, 2009

Racer X

Another weekend down & once again sailing figures prominently. Back down in Annapolis--becoming my new home. Never used to venture there very often but now I'm finding myself there quite a bit. I think however that I might try to see what's around in Baltimore for racing too--the driving is a bit of a pain. I spent part of the day in Annapolis pricing out foulies...whew...I really wish I still had my old ones because gortex Mustos are a wee bit pricey for my blood. There should be a poor sailors' donation store where those who can afford the latest Mustos etc., can give their old gear to those who can't. Since I haven't been racing for a while I need to re-outfit. I don't need to have all the latest gear, but I do need some specialized stuff, especially in this very rainy spring we've been having. I did leave with a pair of Camet shorts so I guess I did OK. I would have to pick two of the most expensive sports: sailing & horseback riding. Ah well....

My son & I were supposed to help my folks with their boat. It was scheduled to be put back in the water on Thursday but the marina messed up the bottom paint so now they have to wait. We were going to get it squared away for the season--cleaning, doing minor repair stuff but I guess it will be next weekend just in time for Mother's Day. Perhaps we'll get it to a point where we can take it out for the holiday, providing it doesn't rain. My folks are decidedly fair weather sailors--cruising all the way at this point. But my dad was quite the racer back in the day--Annapolis was his home town. So if all goes well, the Beneteau (or Bene-slow as some of the racing folk say) will be ready for the season soon--not sure how patient I'll be on that boat after all the adrenaline these past few weeks but at least I'll get to sit & watch the scenery--something you NEVER get to do when racing.

With all this emphasis given to my various activities & also to my son, I really haven't had too much time for socializing with men--other than the crews on the boats. Interestingly, some of the comments I've fielded from potential dates have centered on the fact that I'm too busy. "How can I fit a man into my very busy life?" Jeez--I guess they expect me to be waiting around for them or something; pining for the fjords apparently. So NOT me--if I'm not involved with someone I am a busy woman. And when I am involved, I will make room for that person. Just maybe the next time 'round I'll make sure he's worth making that time.


Anonymous said...

"There should be a poor sailors' donation store where those who can afford the latest Mustos etc., can give their old gear to those who can't."

Maybe you should try the Salvation Navy.

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