Sunday, July 5, 2009


My 4th of July was quite fun but also quite a learning experience. I did get to go sailing--on a sunfish. My day started casually enough--wanted to by some more Boordy Cab Franc because I was out again--I had made a promise to myself not to buy anymore red wines but recently the request for red in my household has skyrocketed, heh, more on that later. I also wanted to bring my BFF(J) some more Shine Reisling so she'd have some for the party. The wine shop was out so I asked for another suggestion in the same pricepoint. So here is where things get interesting--one of the circlers (see previous posting) works at this wine shop & had called me 2 weeks ago to get together. I talked to him but didn't save his number & so we never finalized any plans--so here I walk into the store & hopefully this time we'll work something out--I did apologize for losing his number. And he was still quite interested so we'll see...

I had asked another girlfriend (Aa) of mine to come to the party with me (my son was already there with his best buddy) since her boys were with their father & she was all alone. I knew my BFF(J) wouldn't mind but I warned her that I'd be flitting around a bit since people I really like would be there that I hadn't seen in quite some time. Aa didn't mind & as it turned out she knew some of the folk there anyway so she was fine. this is juicy, one of her girlfriends has been having a 3 & 1/2 year affair with a married guy (Karma's gonna bite this woman's ass sooner or later) which isn't all that odd except for the fact that one of the guests at the party is very good friends with the guy's wife. Can we say, "AWKWARD!!" Also I can easily say: Smalltimore too. Aa was a little unsettled & told my BFF(J) all about it--I think I'd gone off with a few friends of mine to look at a house that was on sale on the water a block over from my BFF(J)'s house & I'm quite sure Aa needed to tell somebody--why not the hostess of the party to make life interesting? Explosive!

Anyhow, I was very excited to see 2 of my friends whom I hadn't seen since the Labor Day shindig last year. Additionally, another close friend of BFF(J), Boston, was also back down for the party, having been at the Labor Day bash as well. It wouldn't have been remarkable except that these 3 people had met & experienced the Bull when all was pretty new between us. They hadn't seen me since. My BFF(J) had filled Boston in on what had happened, & apparently my son told her even more...Perspectives are everything. Last year, when we'd all gone off together to see the very same house that was for sale, it was very obvious to me that Boston was falling all over herself for the Bull. In fact, at first I was irritated, but then I was amused, especially after it didn't look like he was rising to the bait. And later, the Bull & I had laughed about how obvious it was & how futile. But that perspective is far different then others'. Boston claimed that he was falling all over her & that she was toying with him. The two other friends said that they didn't think we'd last beyond the month--we did break-up in October so they were half-right (back together in less than 2 weeks as everyone knows). They also thought we were fighting at the party--which we weren't--we would often banter back & forth with one another--sometimes very intensely so I guess it could've appeared that way to an outsider. I did say the relationship was explosive.... But they all had opinions about the Bull & none of them very flattering..ah well. All I can say is that it was very interesting to hear what they thought of that party & how the ultimate demise of our relationship occurred--no one was too surprised by it.

The party itself was also interesting. There seem to be two separate groups of people there--the family set who sit in a big circle on the lawn & eat & chat, & the outsiders group--these folk move around a lot but can be primarily found out on the dock, on a boat, walking around the neighborhood, or in the water--doing something. Of course there are tons of kids who sort of weave in & out of both groups. I straddle both groups but I primarily hang on the dock. Some of the other group came & joined us--we were out on the raft for a while & a couple of the more laid-back women joined us there where we sipped red-neck margaritas & sangria. I also go sit & chat a bit--usually when I get some food, but I tend to find the lawn convo a bit staid & stifling--in other words--NOT I'm not there for too long. My friend Aa mostly hung on the lawn but she did come sit with us on the raft as well as on the dock so I felt like she didn't feel left out. How High School--but I have to say that things really don't change even when you're in your forties--I'm just much less apologetic for who I am, nor do I care what people think of me like I did when I was younger. So the party was winding down & we had plans to meet my folks on their boat downtown to watch the fireworks in the Inner Harbor.

Sitting on the boat watching the fireworks was just super! The docks were full of partiers & the night was fresh & festive. Friends of my folks had brought a plate full of chocolate-covered strawberries, & we all had some wine. I have to say that this 4th was quite exceptionally explosive.

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