Saturday, July 11, 2009

We Flew

I am battered & bruised but what an amazing race! And tomorrow's my birthday too! Couldn't have asked for a better intro: The West River Sailing Club's Twilight Race. I think we were done well before twilight. We just flew! Sustained winds at 24 knots & the boat speed was 17 knots: approximately 20 mph. For those who don't know it--that is very fast for a sailboat. And that isn't even this boat's top speed--18 knots I think I heard. The boat was made for today's wind --that much I could tell.

The coolest is that we won! And after being about a minute & a half late for the start! We were getting ready to set for the start when we see the other PHRF A boats heading for the line & then the gun goes off! Needless to say, we moved pretty quickly. The Chesapeake was fairly whipped up today & pretty soon we were all changing into our foulies because we were all soaked. Especially hiking out & the bow pounding into the water creates quite a spray. I was thankful for my purchases earlier this season.

On the downwind run I had the opportunity to be aft (in the back) of the boat & see the spinnaker flying--it is just a beautiful sail to watch. That's where we got all the speed--felt like surfing across the waves.

Next week are two of the larger races & if the wind is anything like today's, it will be exhilarating. Night sailing for Solomons & then Screwpile--I was told about the very short tacks--only a mile & a half--very quick pace....almost no time to think before tacking again (turning), Racing is like interval training--bursts of extreme high energy & then a few minutes of down time riding the rails. I am so happy that I have these opportunities to race--I'm learning to sail all over again & in a much different way--I used to race non-spin cruising class. This is waaaaaay different & I'm trying to learn as much as I can. Thanks to the team--I loved today!

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