Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Now Walk the Plank!

When it all comes crashing down
Try to understand your meanings
No one said it would be easy
This living, it ain't easy, oh

You were sewn together
with a tapestry of molecules
A billion baby galaxies
and wide open spaces

And everything you need is here
Everything you fear is here
And it's holding you up
It just keeps holding you up

No One Said It Would Be Easy--Cloud Cult

I must say that my birthday was pretty frickin' good despite a few set-backs. But in all honesty this is not the first time I've faced birthday disappointment. But I'll get to that later--first the good stuff: My cousins had a great crabfeast at their house on the Wye River. My cousin's birthday was yesterday & they usually use that as a reason to have all the family & friends down for an annual crabfeast. It was great seeing all of my cousins--one is my blog buddy & you can see her comments pretty regularly here--bloggers need those comments--its our bread & butter so I appreciate all of her posts. We don't get to see each other often so it was nice to catch up & she was also instrumental in helping me put my set-back into perspective--thanks by the way. Also seeing her husband--my sailing cousin--he took that pic--it was an honor to have a birthday sail with him. His sister, an amazing woman who I kinda, sorta grew up with & with whom I endured her brother's torment when we were around 10 or 11. They, together with their parents, sailed for 2 years all over the world when they were kids. Their boat, Wisp of Dawn, was their home--what a cool adventure when you're a child. I was always a little bit envious of them when I was a kid, but it wasn't always easy for my cousins--I learned that later. So they all sang Happy Birthday & I had a birthday donut for cake. Anyhow--it was a great way to ring in my 42nd year.

There were so many crabs left that I took almost a bushel home with me & then up to my BFF(A)'s house. She bought me a bottle of Molly Dooker's the Boxer for my birthday--nice! We all settle in for crabs (Round 2 for me) & later her husband plays a great rendition of Happy Birthday--ad-lib the jazz flair--such talent. Again, another super celebration for my 42nd--just reminds me of all I'm blessed with.

Birthdays are often a time for reflection & this one is no different. Last year this time my folks & I were dropping my son off at an overnight sailing camp for the first time. My birthday was celebrated down in North Carolina in a seafood family restaurant with my folks, my son, my BFF(J) & her family. Next week my son goes down to NC so we're a week later this year. But back to the reflection: My birthday has often been rife with interesting turns of events. My grandfather, the one who instilled in me my love of sailing, died a few days before my birthday & we had to sit shiva on my birthday that year. Another year I was fired from a job--on my birthday!! Who does that? I guess some folks do--yet another year I'd finished a course at Coppin & was on my way home to some birthday cake when I was pulled over & given a speeding ticket. On my 35th birthday I jumped off a 35 foot cliff into the quarry at Beaver Dam. So this year is no exception. But I always learn from these set-backs or thrill-rides. I believe this one should follow suit. The bottom line is: I am thrilled to be in my 42nd year--doing the things I love. Whatever disappointments I have faced & will face can only make me a stronger, better person. It's all good!

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